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Storage Yard Request Form


For those members who wish to maintain a slip for boat or trailer storage at Pioneer Park, please fill out this request form and have it returned to the office by April 15th of each camping season. This will be re-evaluated each year. A few changes will be made regarding location of boats, depending on the size of the boat. I am going to leave the easier accessible slips for larger boats to facilitate parking ease of those boats. The center row (B) adjacent to the dog parks will be reserved for Pontoon boats in excess of 17’. (With the exception of the 2 end slips) If you have a larger boat and would prefer a spot other than the center row, please make that known on the sign-up sheet.

Please note that on the bottom of this form is a copy of the storage area policies, which were put into place by a Park Committee in 2007, revised in 2018. It is our wish to adhere to these policies to better serve the storage area as a whole. 

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Boat/Trailer Information
Registration Information


1. After a special appointing of a policy review committee for the boat storage area on 6/30/07 we’ve came up with some new guidelines that we feel are in the best interests of the park and its members. Some rules have changed so please read these so there are no surprises! While we are offering some alternatives for usage, boats will always have top priority.

2. Reserved slips require Manager approval.

3. Retaining your slip stays the same. You must have re-applied by April 15th or your slip is forfeit (no exceptions!) There are no seniority privileges in the park.

4. Any Boat or Trailer must have your park site number on the right hand side of the trailer hitch with #s no smaller than 1 inch.

5. Any Boat|Trailer|Rv without current registration will be moved to an overflow slip and the slip will be given to the next resident that wants it. If the boat is not removed from the premises (or registered) within 14 days of the resident being notified, it will be impounded by a local towing company. We have some resident using the facilities for long term storage with boats that haven’t been used in years. This is not what the boat parking area is intended for and will not be tolerated. Each item stored in the storage yard MUST be registered to a Park Member and insured in the member’s name. Proof of registration and insurance must be filed with the office.

6. Registering a slip and never using it: We have some residents registering for a slip “just in case” or registering a site while the boat is moored somewhere else the entire summer. This will no longer be acceptable and if management determines you’ve done this; your slip will be revoked. If your site has remained vacant by the weekend of the 4th of July, your slip will be forfeited and given to the next in line for a slip. If you only have an occasional need or want storage for the winter months’ arrangements can be made for a temporary slip rather than taking a slip and then using it infrequently or not at all the entire season.

7. You are permitted to use your slip for another type of vehicle/trailer provided no one stays in it (RV), it is registered as an alternate vehicle at the office, and that it is present for no more than 14 days. (14 day renewals may be honored at the management’s discretion). You may apply for a second boat slip on a lottery basis. Additional (2nd) spaces will only be allowed on the row bordering Ishnala unless management fairly determines an abundance of prime slips. However, if a shortage of boat spaces arises you will be in the first lottery. If you are chosen in the lottery you will have to vacate the site.

8. Utility Trailers are to be moved to Bissett’s Woods, area off Dist 1. This was approved by the Board of Directors on July 21, 2018 for future use if the need arises.

9. Resident resale: If you sell your lot in Pioneer Park the boat slip does not transfer to the new owner. The slip goes back into the pool on a first come first served basis.

10. If you wish for a more desirable slip a waiting list will be offered.

11. You are responsible for maintaining your slip throughout the season. Failure to do so will result in a $25 fine per occurrence. Anything over 6” will be completed by Park Maintenance.

By signing this form, you acknowledge that Pioneer Park will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your property. The Park assumes no liability for any reason for your property in the storage yard. Use at your own risk.