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This page is specifically for our Park Members; keeping all informed. On this page you will find links for downloading files, (documents, minutes, newsletters), various links;  updating your contact information, which will keep the Office files current, and a link for the most current Pathways newsletter.

Pioneer Park has a Private members only page on FaceBook. The easiest way to be invited is to LIKE the Park's business page ---  After you've LIKED the page the Admins can find you, then please send an email to the park's office with which site you are a member of, and we can then get you added. Remember, it is for members only (those listed on the membership certificate), not friends or family who are not a member of this Park.

From Management --

March 19th 2019

The Park dealing with Cable TV has been a learning curve over the past few years. There will be no prorating for the cable service. We found that Prorating the charge causes more work that it was worth; so it was decided it''s a full year or nothing, as $160 for a full year is very reasonable.

Last season the payment was due on or before May 1st, though we still found that there were a few that did not pay in a timely fashion and had to be contacted more than once, then only paid up when they were told their cable would be turned off.

That is a lot of unnecessary work for the Management/Maintenance staff, when in reality they could be getting the pools ready to be opened for the Holiday Weekend.

As for the reconnect fee, it needs to be more of a deterrent than anything else; if you do not want to be disconnected and charge a fee to get the service back, members need to pay on time.

Once again, people step to the plate to get things done behind the scenes. The work that Jack Daniels and Pat Wilson did working with me and preparing a proposed budget was time consuming and excellent. THANK YOU Jack and Pat.

I need to give a huge THANK YOU to Terese Smyth and Randy Bates for all the information they put together for me in doing the budget. I also want to recognize the absolutely tireless work that Terese Smyth did in getting the paperwork together for, not only the budget meeting, but also the Pathways Spring mailing. This is a time consuming effort.

And last, but not least, a huge THANK YOU to Theresa Newman, who is so instrumental in helping Randy with the mailings to over 400 members. I urge ALL Park members to take the time to thank these people for ALL their behind the scenes work.

Dick Verhagen

Attention Members: The Budget meeting was Saturday, 3/16/2019. Costs for Dues and Calbe TV remain the same at $925 and $160.  The mailing will be going out before the end of the month. 

March 18th       Attention Members:   Our Dues statement states that the Dues payment is due by May 15th, for ease in accounting, it has been decided that the Cable payment is also due on the 15th of May, but must be paid in full.

To avoid a late fee on your Dues, your payment must be received by the office by the 15th. If the Cable payment is not received by the office by the 15th you cable will be disconnected. If you then state that you want your cable turned back on, there will be a $25.00 reconnect fee. So, if you would like Cable TV service this season, please pay your bill by the 15th of May. 
Thank you.

March 11th   Activities Co-Chairs are working on the Activites for the up and coming season.  The Activites Page will be a work in progress for a while til things get ironed out.  Here is the PDF of the current schedule that that have created  2019 Activities Schedule 

March 25, 2019 - Cable TV has been repaired and is now on in all Districts. Thanks for your patience.

Februray 17th, 2019
-- The Park calendar for 2019 has been uploaded for Members.  Go to the Documents page and you will find the link there to download to your own computer where you can save it and or print a copy.  There will also be hard copies on the bakers rack in the Clubhouse.

March 21, 2019 9am

Happy Spring everyone!!! I traveled the entire Park for the second day in a row. Four Wheel Drive was still needed in some areas, especially some hilly areas but melting is occurring very rapidly with some roads completely clear. I found no large limbs down and no major damage. 

A reminder to all members, if you become stuck it is your responsibility to call a tow truck. It is against our Rules for any park employee to assist.


March 21 2019.    Please excuse the leaf piles we have created with the snow plow. 

October 19th.     Off Season Reminders..... 

Water is off..... NO Fires.    Please sign-in in the Clubhouse, that way Randy knows who is in the Park.   Remember to bring your gate card for entering the Park.    

Have a great winter!

Any unpaid September Electric Bills are now considered late.  Late fees will be added to your account until it is paid in full.   If you have any questions, please email the Park at 

Reading dates are June 4th - Sept 13th.  Bills are due within 30 days.  Please pay your electric bill before October 15th to avoid any late fees. 

Here is our 2019 Board of Directors:

Brian Pugens - Dist 1 Director (Secretary)
Jim Smyth - Dist 1 Alternate
Lisa Raspante - Dist 2 Director (Vice President)
Kathi Gallus - Dist 2 Alternate
Dick Verhagen - Dist 3 Director (President)
Arlin Maag - Dist 3 Alternate
Tony DiOrio - Dist 4 Director (At Large)
Tom Rithamel - Dist 4 Alternate
Rick Biege - Dist 5 Director (Treasurer)

Attention Members: 

Approved by the Board of Directors, a FINE of $2,000 will be charged to the member if they or a guest breaks any sort of glass object at the pool resulting in the closing of either pool. This will cover the costs of reopening the pool. Make sure you remind your guests, as you are responsible for their actions, that ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS is allowed in the pool areas.  Please see the Pool Policy. ~  The highlighted area have been recently approved by the BOD.

Beverages ONLY in plastic or aluminum will be allowed in the gated pool area. NO beverages allowed at the edge of the pool or with you in the water. 

Also, ABSOLUTELY no food in the enclosed Pool area.  We have picnic areas for this.
PLEASE inform your guests. ~ Management

From the Office     

We still have a few UNPAID Fall Electric bills.  Each member has been emailed each month with a statement.   You will be receiving a hard copy of your statement when the Dues is mailed out in March.  If you are unsure if you are fully paid up for the 2018-2019 season - please contact the office - Email is best.

October 15th.
The OFFICE is closed for the season. PLEASE remember when you come to the Park in the off season to bring your gate card so you can enter the park.

Per our Bylaws, it is the member's responsibility to keep the Park up to date with your contact information. Please update the office with any information that has changed. Phone, address, or even E-mail address. All is helpful if we need to contact you. THANKS

Storage Yard:

All items stored at Pioneer Park must be identifiable as to ownership. Canoes & Kayaks must have the owner's site number on them.  Boats must display current State registration on them with the site number clearly visible on the trailer.  Those items that can not be identified will be removed from storage.  Storage forms for the current year must be registered with the Office and approved by the manager, for ALL boats, trailers, etc stored at Pioneer Park. All items stored must be registered to Park Members, and shall have proof of registration and insurance on file in the office. 

Park Meetings -     Everyone is welcome to attend any and all meetings

Regular Board Meeting April 27, 2019 10am Clubhouse

Activities Meeting TBA

Finance Committee TBA

Rules Committee TBA

Remember the speed limit is 10 mph throughout the Park!  

Members who have concerns or problems in the Park are encouraged to complete a resident Concern Form.  All Information will be kept confidential and all forms must be signed, or they are will not be accepted  ~ Management.


The emergency procedure to follow in Pioneer Park is:

  1. You or someone else should call 911  and request assistance to Pioneer Park Site # (give number). Our street address is E10570 Fern Dell Road, Baraboo, WI (Our physical address)

    Call the Park phone,(608) 254-8162 - Day or Night.

    When the Office is closed the phone is transferred to the Park's manager.

    Give your site number and a brief statement of the type of emergency. The Office will assist by providing maps to responding emergency personnel, showing the best route to the site, opening the gate, and accompanying the responder to that site.
  2. You and anyone else in the area should provide whatever assistance you can until help arrives. The Park Defibrillator will be kept in the Office and will be available to anyone trained in the use of CPR and AED for emergency purposes only.