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This page is specifically for information for our Park Members. On this page you will find links for updating your contact information, which will keep the Office files current, and a link for the most current Pathways newsletter.

** Info on the Park's Cable TV is listed below under OFFICE**

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Our office is now closed for the season. We will be picking up phone messages daily. Please observe road conditions as the barricades will be up when conditions warrant it; your families' safety depends on it.  See you in the Spring of 2017!!!  The staff of Pioneer Park.

From the Manager

For our new members, and as a reminder to our long-term folks, no FIRES are allowed in the Park from October 16th, 2016 intil Spring 2017, when the water is back on. The safety of you and your property is my highest priority. Thank you!  Elliot


Trash Pickup:

The last day for trash pickup,this season is October 28th, 2016.

 Fall leaf pickup will start September 26th,2016 and continue until October 28th,2106.  It will resume in the Spring of 2017.


Please make sure any items you have in the boatyard are clearly marked with your site number. We will be removing items that are not identifiable as to ownership, shortly. Any questions, contact Elliot. Let's keep Pioneer Park looking beautiful! Thanks!

From the Office

Here is the downloadable Sign-Up sheet for cable TV, and the Channel Listing.  Please download and print the sign up sheet and mail it back to the Office with your payment.

Sign-Up Sheet. . . .  Channel Listing

District 1 Brian Pugens = secretary------------------------------------------------------ alternate: Beau Flitter
District 2 Lisa Raspante= president -------------------------------------------------------alternate: Bob Kaidantsis
District 3 Arlin Maag = vice president-----------------------------------------------------alternate: Jeff Goolsby
District 4 Tony Diorio = at large-----------------------------------------------------------alternate: Tom Rithamel
District 5 Rick Biege = treasurer

Please keep the Office updated with any of your contact information. Phone, address, or even E-mail address. All is helpful if we need to contact you. THANKS

Lake Delton, WI;   local weather

Park Meetings -     Everyone is welcome to attend

Board of Directors  April 22nd,2017  10am at the Clubhouse
Activities Committee - April 22nd,2017 1pm at the Clubhouse

Every mph makes a difference. Slowing cars down saves lives. The probability of a pedestrian being fatally injured when hit by a vehicle is only 3.5% @ 15mph. At 31mph, the probability goes up 37%!

Please obey the 10mph limit in and throughout Pioneer Park! You might save a life!

Download a Guest Site Registration Form here  It will open in a new window where you can Save the file or print it. Do let the office know if you have troubles.

You may reserve a site beginning on January 1st, for the current year, but not before.
Make sure you double check with the office to see if the site you want is available.  Calendars are back on line - you may check site availability here.

If you are looking for site to reserve, do check out the calanders, and with the Office if you have a specific date.

Remember -- you must send in your deposit within 7 days for your reservation to be finalized.

OFFICE HOURS OF OPERATION:   Office is closed for the season

Clubhouse Hours : Open 24/7
OutPost : closed
Comfort Station 1: closed
Comfort Station 2:  closed

Firewood notice:   is illegal to bring firewood from more than 50 miles away into the Park.  This wood can harbor invasive bugs that put the forest at risk.  Please burn old rotten piles of firewood this year.  The old wood is a breeding ground for ants and other insects which usually end up in your neighbors place.

There is firewood available for $5 a bundle of 8 pieces, near the Shop, behind the Clubhouse. Please pay at the Office.

Remember the speed limit is 10 mph throughout the Park!  

Members who have concerns or problems in the Park are encouraged to complete a resident Concern Form.  All Information will be kept confidential and all forms must be signed, or they are will not be accepted  ~ Management.


If your boat is not registered with the office, if your boat does not have current registration, or if your boat does not have your lot number on the tongue of the trailer, the boat will be removed from the boatyard.  

You need to fill out the Boat Registration form annually, and do so before June 1st of each year.

Boat Registration Form
Boat Storage Policies

The emergency procedure to follow in Pioneer Park is:

  1. You or someone else should call 911  and request assistance to Pioneer Park Site # (give number). Our street address is E10570 Fern Dell Road, Lake Delton

    Call the Park phone,(608) 254-8162 - Day or Night.

    When the Office is closed the phone is transferred to the Park's manager.

    Give your site number and a brief statement of the type of emergency. The Office will assist by providing maps to responding emergency personnel, showing the best route to the site, opening the gate, and accompanying the responder to that site.
  2. You and anyone else in the area should provide whatever assistance you can until help arrives. The Park Defibrillator will be kept in the Office and will be available to anyone trained in the use of CPR and AED for emergency purposes only.