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This page is specifically for our Park Members; keeping all informed. On this page you will find links for downloading files, (documents, minutes, newsletters), various links;  updating your contact information, which will keep the Office files current, and a link for the most current Pathways newsletter.

Pioneer Park has a Private members only page on FaceBook. To become a member of the FaceBook page, you will first have to be "friends" with Pioneer Park. Once you send a "friend request", please send an email to the park's office with which site you are a member of, and we can then get you added. Remember, it is for members only (those listed on the membership certificate), not friends or family who are not a member of this Park.

If you want a 2018 Park Calendar you can download it from the Documents page or Here.  The annual Cable Form is also on the Documents page, where you can download it.

From the Office     


Temporary Office Hours:

Sunday through Friday - 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Saturday - 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

                      ATTN. BOARD MEETING CANCELED!!!!!!
                      The Board Meeting scheduled for April 21st has been cancelled.
                      The first Board Meeting of the season will be on May 19th, 10:00am at the Clubhouse.

                      The Board of Directors

The Park Office is now open but with limited hours.  We are currently open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  

Per our Bylaws, it is the member's responsibility to keep the Park up to date with your contact information. Please update the office with any information that has changed. Phone, address, or even E-mail address. All is helpful if we need to contact you. THANKS

From the Manager

April 25, 2015
Hi Everyone! I just got another update on the water. The water will be on this weekend but between now and then, the water will be turned off and on as needed to fix breaks, etc. So there is no guarantee that you will have consistent water until this weekend. Thank you for your patience. Susie

April22, 2018

The warmer temps have melted quite a bit of our most recent snow from some areas of the park. Tomorrow we will check on road conditions in those areas still impacted. If they at now safe for all vehicles, than the barricades will come down. Tomorrow, as the snow covering the ground recedes, we will also inspect the underground water valves, to see if they are finally free of ice and can be closed. Updates will be posted as soon as they are available. Thank you! Elliot


June 3, 2017 As most members know, sometimes locating a specific site by our visiting guests and emergency personnel can vary from simply frustrating to downright hazardous, particularly after dark. Therefore, as of September 1st, 2017, I am asking all members to comply with the following rule: "#12 Members shall keep the number of their site posted in a easily viewable location, preferably on the home and facing the street, at all times. Numbers should be of a reasonable color and at least 3” tall to be easily viewed and esthetically pleasing." Numbers that are reflective at night would be perfect! Please help me keep pioneer Park safe for all! Thank you! Elliot


All watercraft stored at Pioneer Park must be identifiable as to ownership. Canoes & Kayaks must have the owner's site number on them.  Boats must display current State registration on them with the site number clearly visible on the trailer.  Those items that can not be identified will be removed from storage effective June 1st, 2017.  Storage forms for the current year must be registered with the manager, for ALL watercraft kept at Pioneer Park.

Park Meetings -     Everyone is welcome to attend any and all meetings

Saturday, May 19th - 10am at the Clubhouse

A list of all meetings are listed on the 2018 Park Calendar, you can find that on the Documents Page.

Firewood notice:   is illegal to bring firewood from more than 50 miles away into the Park.  This wood can harbor invasive bugs that put the forest at risk.  Please burn old rotten piles of firewood this year.  The old wood is a breeding ground for ants and other insects which usually end up in your neighbors place.

There is firewood available for $5 a bundle of 8 pieces, near the Shop, behind the Clubhouse. Please pay at the Office.

Remember the speed limit is 10 mph throughout the Park!  

Members who have concerns or problems in the Park are encouraged to complete a resident Concern Form.  All Information will be kept confidential and all forms must be signed, or they are will not be accepted  ~ Management.


The emergency procedure to follow in Pioneer Park is:

  1. You or someone else should call 911  and request assistance to Pioneer Park Site # (give number). Our street address is E10570 Fern Dell Road, Lake Delton

    Call the Park phone,(608) 254-8162 - Day or Night.

    When the Office is closed the phone is transferred to the Park's manager.

    Give your site number and a brief statement of the type of emergency. The Office will assist by providing maps to responding emergency personnel, showing the best route to the site, opening the gate, and accompanying the responder to that site.
  2. You and anyone else in the area should provide whatever assistance you can until help arrives. The Park Defibrillator will be kept in the Office and will be available to anyone trained in the use of CPR and AED for emergency purposes only.